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Success Builders Ministry has a passion to help those who have the desire to move forward in life. By building a strong foundation, we can deal with life’s ups and downs and remain focused on the person God wants us to be. Everyone can’t land on their feet after hard times. Success Builders Ministry is here to help the willing to stand, walk, and run. We give the tools and guidance to build success and to eventually help others who are also in need. By giving a gift that keeps on giving, we not only empower individuals but we build a community that continues to grow. Our goal is to promote healthy independence and provide integral support to motivated individuals.  


Welcome Brothers & Sisters

April 3, 2015
Good Friday Fellowship Lunch

March,21, 2015

 Success Builders Ministry Fellowship Day

occupational programs

Success comes in many forms. We believe that hard work is a strong foundation to build from. Success Builders Ministry partners with several local businesses in an effort to employ those who are seeking employment.  Resume and application tutoring is available. Work related transit may be provided during scheduled times.  


residential placement

Success Builders Ministry is always striving to reach more people. We currently offer housing assistance and have a limited number of beds available for those who qualify*. There are three phases of residential placement. Once all phases are complete, permanent housing assistance is available.  


Success Builders Ministry challenges individuals to find their personal calling. Our life-coaches help to set personal goals and explore ways to reach them. The road to independence is not always an easy path but with help we can always achieve our goals. We counsel on an individual basis and also have weekly sharing sessions in a group format.  

*Residents must agree to random drug screens and are closely monitored and subject to curfew.   

entrepreneurship programs

Our occupational counseling encourages individuals to look beyond their employment and discover the entrepreneur within. Business development sessions are available. Properly developed businesses may qualify for partnership programs and assistance.